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School & Learning Management System

Experience seamless user experience through our cloud infrastructure backed up by Amazon's powerful network and our Serverless architecture.

Best Professionals

Our support staff is there to assist you at every step of building & managing your Digital School. Our support is available via Phone, Email & support tickets.

Complete Security

Our servers are shielded by Amazon's own guarded network. Our Network Specialists adds a level next to it through network firewalls, security patches & updates.


Unlike huge upfront investments in building and managing your own IT Infrastructure, you can focus on what you're good at and, let us handle the IT Part.


Our simple and quick integration technique makes it easy to get started setting up your online school at a cost as low as ₹5 per user per month for paid subscriptions.

Integrated Video Conferencing Tools For Digital Learning.

While many schools are already running online classes these days and, Zoom has been leading the way so far as a platform. Our online school platform gives you a flexibility to run classes for free using Jitsi Video Conferencing Platform. While you still have the option to run Classes via integrated Zoom Video Conferencing, but that may require paid Hosts for you to run multiple classes at the same time.

We would soon have our own (No App Installation required) video conferencing tool- Benciao integrated with this platform, to give you a little more edge over your teaching and learning experience.

School & Learning Management System

for your Next Digital Move!


Manage attendance, leaves and, keep a track by each session year. Send notifications to parents of Absence or Leaves.

User Roles

Create users by roles. create new roles and, assign roles privileges to be accessed by Teachers, Students, Parents & Admin.


Announce notices, classes or events. Send notifications via SMS, Emails or within the School Online System to your users.

Transport Roster

Save details of your Transport vehicles, vendors, drivers, helpers and others. Assign a Transport Manager & publish rosters.


Track all your expenses, fee collection, invoices, payouts and much more, all under one managed system.


Share lecture content by sharing powerpoints, playing video urls through integrated youtube & vimeo.

Live Classes

Live class is yet another feature to change the way Online classes can be scheduled and conducted.


Library Management, Front Office, , Syllabus, Study Material, Assignments, Payroll & much more


Quick Setup

Its easy to get started setting up your Online School with us. Our quick integration methodology allows you to get started with your digital school at the get go.

Cloud Secured

When big financial institutions have made their way to cloud from In Housed servers. There is no denying from the fact, how secured the Cloud Space is.

Amazing support

Our support system allows you to be connected with us all the time through integrated support tickets, email support & a phone call away technician.

Stable infrastructure

Our serverless architecture allows our application to automatically scale the configurations Up or down based on server load.